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We created Flourish Studio as a place to unwind and enjoy the exceptionally restful pastime of painting pottery.

You’ll discover there is so much joy to be had in either thoughtfully designing a new plate, or simply sitting down with an open mind, and seeing where inspiration takes you.


But that’s only the painting - after firing there is the excitement of seeing how the colours have come to life and transformed your work.


Take it from us, it is very easy to get hooked - we started painting pottery as a hobby, now we run a studio!


Here's how it all works...



Choose your piece

Select the pottery you would like to paint from a wide range of carefully selected bisque. These include tableware, home and garden décor and quirky ornaments. All our prices include paint, glaze and firing.



Dream up a design

It’s not always necessary to have a plan but occasionally it helps. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start but if you need help with ideas or technique please don’t hesitate to ask. We have all sorts of tools available including stencils, sponges, styli, tape and pens.



Know your paint

Create your masterpiece using our palette of 24 exquisite colours (all washable and non toxic). There’ll be a colour tile on your table to show you how the paints appear once they’ve been glazed and fired. 



Bring on the glaze

When you’ve finished, we will complete a form detailing your items which we will keep for our records. You’ll be asked to take a photograph of your pottery (a pottery mug-shot if you will. If it's a mug, then it’ll be a mug mug-shot. I’ll stop there.)  We’ll then glaze and fire the bisque to enhance the colours and build in durability.





When your pottery is ready for collection (usually within ten days although this will vary seasonally) we will give you a call to let you know. Collection can be at any time during opening hours.  Please have the photograph taken at the end of your session available so we can be certain we’re giving you the correct piece as we locate orders based on the description of the items, not by customer names.

Collection MUST take place within three months of the date the item was painted.

Here at Flourish, limited storage space means that pottery not collected within this period will have to be disposed of without refund or replacement. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Ready to get painting? Give us a call or email us to book your session.

Groups of six or more are invited to enquire about exclusive evening use of the studio.

Please note: Sending an email is not confirmation of your booking, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Choose a time

Thanks for emailing us, we'll be in touch soon.

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